Private city walks in Amsterdam

Old Amsterdam

Discover historical Amsterdam, the world's most international city and the cradle of capitalism. Walk in the footsteps of Rembrandt and see the other side of the red light district.

Canal Ring Architecture 

Venice of the north! Take a crash course in Amsterdam architecture, the UNESCO World Heritage listed Canal Ring. Meet its architects, merchants and freethinkers.


Allow yourself a private guide for an exclusive tour in the Rijksmuseum. Follow the rise, fall and legacy of the 17th century Dutch Republic; The Golden Age of Dutch art. 


Rags to riches! The Jordaan is a blueprint of Dutch social housing, with a vibrant pub culture, colourful markets and picturesque almshouses. The Jordaan has it all. 

Jewish District 

How did 400 years of Jewish presence influence Amsterdam? Get the full story on Judaism in the so-called 'New Jerusalem'. From Spinoza to the Holocaust and its aftermath.

Amsterdam Your Way

How about a hotel pick-up service and ending in your restaurant of choice and meanwhile having an exclusive private guide at your disposal for a unique Amsterdam experience?

Financial History

Follow the money in one of worlds' most innovative financial centres. The cradle of bank money, the stock exchange, multinationals and economic bubbles. 

Amsterdam and Slave Trade

A darker insight of the so-called Dutch Golden Age. How was the trade in enslaved people organised in Amsterdam and how visible is this history today?

Holocaust in Amsterdam

A deeper insight on the Amsterdam Holocaust that took place in World War Two. Meet perpetrators, victims, heroes, and learn how it changed Amsterdam. 


Available all week. Proven best length: 2,5 hours, but we're flexible. Book ahead some 24 hours.


Prices depend on the size of your group and your wishes. Let us make a tailor made offer for you.

Private group

Private group size: Minimum 1, maximum 20 persons. Larger groups are negotiable.

Something else

Are you an airbnb host? Complete the Amsterdam experience for your guests with a private tour.


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“Tijs showed us Amsterdam as we would never have seen it ourselfes”

Maggie, London

“The jewish District tour gave me a whole new perspective on Amsterdam”

Adam, Budapest

“Tijs' passion for the Rijksmuseum is contagious!”

Liz, Cancun