Rijksmuseum Guided Tour

The Dutch Masters of the Golden Age

The Dutch Golden Age

The newborn Republic of the United Netherlands gained worldwide dominance in military, trade, the arts and sciences in the 17th century, the famous Dutch Golden Age.

The Rijksmuseum is probably the best place to follow the rise, fall and legacy of this Dutch empire.

This tour highlights this 17th century with the finest Dutch art in its political and economic context.


Let us take you on a crash course of Dutch history and art. 

We meet the rebels and diplomats that built The Netherlands, such as Prince William of Orange, Admiral Michiel de Ruyter and Johan de Wit.

As well as the ‘Dutch Masters’: Johannes Vermeer's still Milkmaid, Jan Steen's messy Households, Albert Cuyp's landscapes and Rembrandt's portraits.

To go:

We meet inside, in front of the museum shop

Included: A free drink afterwards  
Not included: Entrance tickets

Duration: 2,5 hours

Opening hours: All week 9am - 5pm


Available all week. Proven best length: 2,5 hours, but we're flexible. Book ahead some 24 hours.


Prices depend on the size of your group and your wishes. Let us make a tailor made offer for you.

Private group

Private group size: Minimum 1, maximum 20 persons. Larger groups are negotiable.

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