Old Amsterdam

Discover the Amsterdam historical center

Old Amsterdam

What made Amsterdam possible? How did this city emerge from a swamp and become the world center of trade, arts and sciences?

Who were they, those first settlers? What do they have in common with the people who reside in the city these days?

Dive into the medieval past and discover the essence of Amsterdam.


During this walk we explain the city's policy of tolerance, that is so blatantly exhibited in the red light district; the international vibe and its business mentality; the ‘dancing’ houses on the canals; and the deep rooted bike culture.

Walk in the footsteps of Rembrandt, along Amsterdam's oldest structures, the world's first stock exchange and much more…

To go:

Beursplein, in front of the Stock Exchange. At Damrak, just off Dam square.

               Duration: 2,5 hours.                

Including a drink at a brown cafe.

Starting location: Beursplein 5

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