Private tour Jewish district Amsterdam

New Jerusalem on the Amstel by a local guide

Jewish District  

On this private tour in the Amsterdam Jewish district you learn about more than 400 years of Judaism in the city.

Since the 16th century Amsterdam has housed a huge Jewish community. Let a local guide explain why the Jewish community called Amsterdam their 'New Jerusalem'.

How did World War Two affect the Jewish district and what is left of the Jewish heritage today, like the Yiddish language and the typical Jewish sense of humor? 

Get the answers on the Amsterdam Jewish District Tour


We address the typical Jewish icons of Amsterdam: the Waterlooplein market, Portuguese Synagogue, the Diamond industry and Jewish Historical Museum.

We get to know the famous Amsterdam Jewish personalities: philosopher Baruch Spinoza, Zionist Jacob Israel De Haan, Socialist Henri Polak, the Wertheims, the Premselas and the Asschers.

The many holocaust monuments tell the recent dark history of the Amsterdam Jewish district during World War Two.

To go:

We meet in front of the Rembrandt House, Jodebreestraat 4. (Tram 9 / Metro: Waterlooplein)

Included: a visit to the Hollandsche Schouwburg. (Nazi detention center) and a drink halfway or after the tour

  Duration: 2,5 hours

   Best time: Any time of the week


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